Will We Let Him Heal? Acts 16:11-15

Over the last 3 and a half years, I’ve had the privileged of babysitting for a sweet family in my neighborhood. I’ve been watching their 3 year old, Sophie, for the majority of her life. Watching her grow from a tiny fragile baby into a tumultuous and unafraid 3 year old has been a beautiful experience.


Last week I took Soph to the park. She swung on the little kid swing for an hour and a half. She would have continued to swing for the remainder of our time, if it were not for another child who wanted his turn on the swing. Soph got off the swing without a fuss, however, she still wanted to swing. She ran over to the second swing set, and began to swing on the big kid swing. To my surprise, she did really well. . . .until she said “I’m done” and proceeded to hop off the swing mid air.

Immediately tears filled her eyes and she let out a scream. I scooped her up, and tried to sooth her. She wasn’t hurt, she was more or less startled and uncomfortable from having those dreaded wood-chips get all in her hair and clothes.

After trying to sooth her for 5 minutes with no change, I set her down to get all of the wood chips out of her pants and hair. However, little Soph was so hysterical I couldn’t touch her without her squirming and kicking away. I tried to fight her and get her to sit still. I explained that I was trying to help, but nothing I did calmed her down. She kept yelling “The pokey chips hurt! The pokey chips hurt!”

So I stopped, took a step back, looked her in the eyes, and said calmly “As soon as you stop moving and calm down, I can make the pokey chips go away.” To this she screamed and screamed and screamed. I sat there and waited for several minutes, until she suddenly stopped. She looked at me with her big tear filled brown eyes and said “pwease help.”

As I meditate and look at the example of Lydia from the first reading today, I think back to my encounter with little Soph and how it reminds me of my own disposition before Jesus. In times of uncertainty and trouble, I approach the Lord thrashing, crying, and screaming. I demand that He helps and yell for Him to come save me.

My Lord, rich in love, slow to anger, and ever so tender, comes to me in my need at once. He sees my hurts and my sorrows, and His heart breaks at the sight of my pain. He whispers reassuring words to me and lets me know He is there. .  but just as I could not get rid of the “pokey chips” until Soph settled down and let me help her, Jesus will not attend to my wounds and my needs until I have settled down and remain still.

The example of Lydia, in the first reading from Acts, reminds me that my disposition before the Lord is imperative to the saving of my soul. If I want healing from Jesus, it is not enough for me to just come before Him. That is a great first step, but if I truly want healing and care, I need to cooperate and compliant. I need to have a Spirit that is ready to let Him actually heal me. I need to let Him be my God, my Savior, my Lord, my Healer.

Often times we can be so consumed in pain, we fail to see our Lord standing before us waiting to heal us. But He is there my brothers and my sisters, standing right in front of us, waiting to pour out His love. My question to you is will you let your Lord give you healing? Will you approach the Divine Healer with fear and defiance? Or will you be like Lydia, who approached God with an open heart and open soul, ready to receive the fullness of His love and life?


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