I Will Sing Psalm 57

I have a big personality and a very loud voice. . . I have two volumes: loud and louder. I seem to always find myself on stage and asked to play the role of the leader or spokesperson. I’m an extrovert, so naturally I enjoy being in the spotlight and sharing my heart with others

I’ve been this way my whole life. For as long as I can remember, standing out has been my thing. As a child, I never had a problem with being the person front and center, especially when it came to faith. At my youth group, I was always the one leading the skits, volunteering to public speak, and frequently the emcee for events. For me, I felt like standing out was the special gift God had given me to share with the world.

However, when I got to college, I quickly realized that standing out was not always fun and games. Being an outspoken Christian in an environment that was adamantly against any sort of morality, caused me to be bullied and teased. I thought that all the games and drama ended in high school. . . turns out I was wrong. Being a faithful Catholic put a target on my back and subjected me to a lot of criticism.

So many times throughout my years in college, I asked God to make me “normal.” I asked Him to make me quiet and let me disappear into the crowd like every one else. But I found that the more I asked to Lord to let me fade in, the more He put me in situations that made me stand out. At the end of the day, no matter how much I wanted to sit down and shut up, the truth of Christ was bursting out my mouth and I was exploding with song.

“I will give thanks to you among the peoples, O LORD,
I will chant your praise among the nations.
For your mercy towers to the heavens,
and your faithfulness to the skies.” Psalm 57

Jesus changed my life. . . He gave me new life through His cross. Therefore I cannot be like everyone else. I cannot fade in with the crowd that shouts “crucify Him!” I cannot pretend that injustice does not bother me. I cannot sit back and watch others fall into sin. I cannot be silent when I hear people denounce His name.

The truth is that I’m not like everyone else. I’m a child of God, by nature of my baptism, and a disciple of Jesus Christ. If I believe that I have new life in Christ, then I actually have to live that new life and be obedient to the Father. This means that my life has to look different from those of the crowd. My love for Jesus & belief in His truth must be evident in the words I speak, the way I act, and how I treat others.

God put a song on my heart when he set me free from sin & shame. He gave me a new life filled with abundant joy and hope! Therefore I will sing His praises and shout His name. Through every trial and tribulation, Jesus has been and will always be faithful to me. . . how can I not be faithful to Him?



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