Face Make Up Favorites

Like most girls out there, I love makeup. For me, every great day starts by actually getting ready. There is just something about sitting down and going through my beauty regime, that just makes me feel confident and ready to be productive. I am the kind of person who thrives in a routine, so yes I have a beauty regime, and I thought it would be fun if I took you through all the the products that make me feel and look beautiful. For this post, I will be focusing on just my face makeup routine. I was originally going to do it all, but after some thought, I’d rather take my time and go through each product I use and why! If you guys have any questions or would like me to go into more detail about my makeup routine, I would be happy to do so! My eyes and highlight routine will be coming soon, so stay tuned!


Before I put on makeup, I always, always, always put on moisturizer, sunscreen, and sometimes eye cream if I remember. Moisturizer helps your makeup last longer and look fresher, so if you are not moisturizing you need to get on it. I’ll be posting about my skin care routine soon, so I’ll talk more in depth about my fave moisturizers later, but for now just know I am loving this Clinique pep-start moisturizer. I also always use sunscreen because I am literally the definition of white. But regardless of how tan you are, you need to be using sunscreen.

After I moisturize & screen up, I usually go in with a big powder brush and lightly dust my face with my Loreal True match powder. I find that this helps my moisturizer set and it helps with oily skin. In the last year my skin has become more, and I’ve found that dusting a little powder on before I put on foundation helps keep my skin from looking oily all day long.

Next, I go in with a primer. Lately I’ve been using the Benefit Porefessional mattifying face primer. I like this primer because it is light weight and it doesn’t make me oily. I definitely think primer is a great way to not only obtain long lasting coverage, but also save money on makeup. Before I had to reapply product halfway through the day. Now I just have to touch up my lipstick and I am good to go! I also use the Two Faced Shadow Insurance 24 hour primer on my eyes. I’ve been using this baby for I think 5 years now, and I swear by this stuff. I know a lot of people like Urban Decays, but I have found their primer dries too fast! I always got weird lines from it and spent forever trying to spread the dried primer. I honestly believe both primers are great products. They are the same price, but I just think the Two Faced Primer spreads way easier and goes on much better.

After my face is primed and set, I go in with the color contour and concealer. I started color contouring in the spring time. I mainly use the yellow, green, purple, and peach colors. I rarely contour my cheeks and nose, only if it’s a special event or something. Ya girl ain’t got time for that! I love color contouring because I have very fair skin that has a pinky/red tint, and I’ve found that using the yellow and green concealers help counteract that redness and give me a more even looking skin tone. I put the green mostly along my nose, my chin, and between my eyebrows, but basically wherever I have redness. I use the peach and yellow under my eyes to counteract dark circles, and then purple on my cheeks to give my face a bright and dewy glow. I look like a tribal warrior when I put it all on my face, but once I blend it all out with a damp off brand beauty blender, my skin looks so glowy and bright I love it!

Wrapping it up, I conceal my eyes with the Maybeline Instant Age Rewind dark circle eraser. I used to use the Lancome Waterproof concealer, but it just became a little too expensive for me. I tried out several drugstore concealers, but this one from Maybeline takes the cake. I do not use the sponge applicator, for some reason it weirds me out. I just feel like it’s not sanitary, even though I’m the only one using it. I usually just brush a small amount on my hand and then go in with my ring finger. A little goes a long way and it lasts all day! If you struggle with dark circles get this rn.

Next I put a light layer of liquid foundation on. I like Covergirl Clean Matte because it doesn’t make me oily, plus it is really hard to find foundation that matches my skin tone and the color 505 its perfect for my pale/pinky skin! i just do a light layer of foundation, because I’ve found that less works better for my skin type.

Finally, I dust my face again with my Loreal True Match powder and my Two Faces Bronzer. I am obsessed with Two Faced bronzer. It smells AMAZING, and it gives me great color without making me look orange.

Well that’s it for my beauty regimen! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know if you guys would like to see more girly posts like this!!




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