Lessons Learned: My Summer in Europe

Hey Y’all!

I am finally back in the USA after spending over 3 months in Europe. For those of you who don’t know, I went to Spain this summer to work as an au pair in Barcelona. I ended up leaving my job a month early, because my job situation turned out to be a threat to my safety and well-being. After leaving my job I went and stayed with some family friends in Lyon, France. Then for the last 2 weeks I’ve been on vacation in Italy with my family. It was the longest, most incredible summer yet.


I saw the most beautiful churches in the world, ate some of the sweetest fruits, walked easily over 1,000 miles, met some of the kindest most loving people, improved my Spanish fluency, and swam in the most beautiful oceans and seas. But most importantly, this summer abroad has really helped me come into my own as a woman of God. Being a young adult can be awkward at times, and before my trip I was still trying to come into my own. Through my experience as an au pair, specifically leaving my job as an au pair, as well as traveling by myself, helped me grow tremendously in my faith. I’ll blog more about that in another post, but for now I want to share 10 things I learned during my travels. Some of these things are serious and some of these things are silly, but here are just a few things I have figured out. . .

  1. Do not work for people who do not respect you. Not everyone has to like you, but especially in the work place, respect is a non-negotiable. 
  2. Navigating through a city without a phone/internet is one of the most satisfying experiences EVER. 
  3. My boyfriend, family, and friends have BIG love for me… So big that it reached across the Atlantic ocean, and comforted, supported, and cared for me in some dark times. God has blessed with a special community, whose love knows no limits. 
  4. La Sagrada Familia is the most beautiful and magical church I have ever been to. It is truly larger than life, and a place where God took my breath away.
  5. The fruits and vegetables in Spain are INSANELY DELICIOUS. I’m still dreaming of fresh figs and coconut from Boqueria! 
  6. Sunday mass is not enough. Frequent the sacraments as much as you can. They are our lifeline, and empower us in ways we cannot even begin to fully comprehend. 
  7. My idea of a perfect morning includes mass, a quiet stroll through a small town, and French pain au chocolat with a cappuccino. 
  8. Life is better savored with others. 
  9. Tuscan sunsets are dreamy and romantic 
  10. Sometimes things do not turn out the way you think they will, but God brings light and goodness out of any situation, any season, any circumstance. 

Stay tuned for more content about my summer abroad, as well as other updates on my life!





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